What is My Home Worth?

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Home Specifications

Make sure your home comes across as a place most people would love to live in, not just you! Things like abstract paint colors can often be a deterrent when you want to sell your home quickly.

Clean It Out

Take an objective look around your home. Remove stacks of clutter, and knick-knacks that are collecting dust. If you have furniture that is showing signs of wear, consider storing it in a unit if you are taking it with you when you move. Backyard junk should be hauled off.

Scrub It Down

Every corner of your home needs to be sparkling clean when you list your home. Taking the time to clean will maximize your sales price.

– Baseboards
– Windows
– Grout
– Carpets
– Appliances
– Ceiling fans and vents

Fix It Up

Prospective buyers will shy away from a home if it appears there is much work to be done.We don’t want them to get the impression there are more costly projects waiting for them. Get working on that maintenance list now so you don’t turn off buyers when they look at your home.

– Pressure wash exterior of home, driveway, decks and walkways.
– Repair exterior peeling paint.
– Fix torn and sagging screens
– A fresh coat of interior neutral pain can increase your homes’ value more than any other maintenance item.
– Tighten loose handles and rails
– Repair or replace anything that is broken or burned out.

Curb Appeal Is Real

The outside appearance of your home is your first chance to make a first impression. Don’t blow by ignoring simple tasks that can add real wow factor to your curb appeal.

– No one likes a brown or weed-filled lawn.
– Mulch the beds
– Trim trees and shrubs
– Plant some flowers for a splash of inviting color
– Make sure outdoor living areas, such as pools decks, patios and seating areas look clean and inviting.
– Remove all junk and rusted items.
– Clean out gutters.
– Repair shutters and broken screens.

It’s Not Personal

It is extremely important to make sure that your home offers the broadest appeal possible. In order to accomplish this, you must accept that you need to remove personal items that make it “your” home. Remember, the goal is to help prospective buyers view it as “their” home.

– Remove personal photos
– Take down anything hanging on the refrigerator
– Hide stacks of papers or documents on counters or desks.
– Don’t leave clothes or laundry laying around.
– Clean off bathroom counters and showers. No makeup or toiletries on display!
– Remove awards or personal wall hangings.
– Put away collectibles
– Simple decor with open, inviting rooms is advised.

Kitchen Is King

The kitchen holds the most interest for many prospective buyers. Now is the time to clean the kitchen to sparkling shine, including the interior of appliances, drawers and cabinets!

– De-clutter countertops
– Consider installing fresh knobs and handles
– Adding even one stainless steel appliance can increase the perceived appeal of your kitchen.
– Make sure all kitchen light bulbs are working.

Show It Off

When you know a showing is about to take place, it’s important to take a few last steps.

– Put all pets up. Not everyone is a “dog person”.
– Pick up all pet items, such as bowls, beds, and leashes.
– No food smells.
– Leave lights on, if necessary.
– Pick up toys and childrens’ items.